We’re a family-owned roaster of specialty coffees and gourmet nuts located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our 95 years of experience has shown us how to produce the best quality products for all of our customers, big or small.

We go to the source to make sure the products you buy from us are the absolute best. Our team carefully roasts and packages coffees, nuts and more in our world-class food manufacturing facility while making sure no degree of quality is sacrificed. 

We believe food and beverages are the common connection between all people across many walks of life. From our family to yours, we are committed to operate our business responsibly and build thriving relationships through the products we make.

Our Global Family

We're proud of the products we create and provide but what we really want to brag about is our people. While we work and invest in the plant-grown food industry, it expands our family far beyond the city limits of Grand Rapids. We wouldn't be able to serve the community without so many significant people throughout the supply chain. From the generations of coffee farmers in far-reaching places in South America, Indonesia, Africa, and beyond. To the nut producers who supply us with quality ingredients year after year. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do successfully without all of these people working together. 

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