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Our team is dedicated to providing the best coffee and nuts because we care about the people we serve. We believe in the creativity, privilege, and responsibility that comes with being a part of the plant-grown foods industry. 

Both coffee and nuts start as a humble seed in the ground and, through long-lasting relationships with our growing partners, we can ensure that the journey from the farm-to-roaster-to-table results the highest quality, freshest products for our customers.

It is the most important part of our business. 



When you work with Ferris you'll find out quickly that we think big but work small. Our dedicated teams are here to make your job easier through our range of capabilities, timely responsiveness, and exceptional customer service.

We love working with wholesale partners to create customized solutions that fit their needs. Our state-of-the-art 168,000 square foot facility is scaleable for projects of any size. From big box, national retailers to the mom-and-pop shops down the street, we have the flexibility to provide the same quality standards to any and all businesses. 

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Everything you need for produce, grocery, specialty, gifts, and more! Take a look at our entire product catalog and discover what we have to offer you and your business!

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Included Wholesale Partner Benefits

Education and Training Lab

Looking for more an in-depth learning experience for you or your staff? Available to wholesale customers, our Education Lab hosts classes and workshops at our headquarters. Learn about the coffee process, how to create your best cup of coffee, or pouring latte art! We have classes that focus on business development and creating a coffee experience tailored to your vision.

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Equipment and Service Dept.

Whether you have existing equipment that is not running smoothly and need immediate assistance or are looking to set up a regularly scheduled maintenance program, we can help. As a coffee roasted for nearly 100 years, we have first-hand experience of the necessity for trustworthy, reliable machines. Enjoy service from someone who knows and appreciates the complexities of coffee equipment. 

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