proud to be grand rapids, michigan's

original coffee roaster

Operating since the late 1800's, Ferris is without a doubt one of the oldest operating businesses
The original

Grand rapids coffee roaster

Our heritage begins long before any of us were here. The story started during the initial wave of American small coffee roasters and the Ferris name is considered a pioneer of coffee roasting.

Peter Joshua Ferris is listed among the first entrepreneurs of roasting starting in Buffalo, New York as early as 1860. His son, Jay Floyd settled in West Michigan with the idea to continue in his father's footsteps.

a coffee house

with more to offer

In it's earliest years of operation, Ferris Coffee House was also a dominant purveyor of teas and spices in the city of Grand Rapids, but its coffees remained the highlight. Focusing on mail-delivered products, offers such as the opportunity to buy four pounds for one dollar and receive a pound for free, shipped to any address in Michigan, including cottages and summer homes, so customers didn't have to "change brands in the summer."

Throughout the years, the business continued in the hands of other owners but always family-owned. In 1924, the business was established and officially became known as Ferris Coffee & Nut Co.

Roasted fresh every day

In one 1909 advertisement, it was said to be the "best coffee on Earth" and "choicest crop of coffee that grows and the fact you get it fresh from the roaster is the only one reason of its goodness!"

decades of joy

This antique coffee can proves we've been in the business of brewing joy for decades. Donated graciously by the Empire Area Museum Complex in Empire, Michigan in 2024.

expansion & growth

nationwide distribution

After decades of local and regional focus, Ferris began to grow beyond those limits. Finding great success by switching to specialty-graded coffee and expanding its product offerings to include premium nuts and trail mixes, Ferris products can now be found in all 50 states.

100 years

is just the beginning...

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