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Women in Coffee: A Tribute to the Dedication and Skill of Women in Coffee

the story

At Ferris, we're passionate about sourcing with intention and building long-term, sustainable relationships.

As a specialty coffee roaster, we recognize the importance of supporting women in the coffee industry. We know that without the hard work and meticulously dedicated front-line workers like farmers and producers, we wouldn't be able to bring incredible coffees to you. We’re choosing to be an intentional partner by sourcing this coffee and sharing their story.

We first discovered Guatemala El Vergel on an origin trip to Guatemala. Over 70 coffees were on the cupping table that day. With its extremely robust flavors and unique tasting notes, el Vergel jumped off our tastebuds and into the spotlight. Over the past three years, we've seen and heard the demand for this coffee, but we wanted to do more. El Vergel became the cornerstone and reason why we developed our Women in Coffee product line. 

farmed by women

The exceptional quality of these specialty coffees are the result of meticulous cultivation and harvesting by resilient women farmers, who are not only enhancing their standing within their communities but also securing their financial stability for the future.


As with all our coffees, the Women in Coffee products are meticulously sourced directly from farmers and producers. Our deliberate partnerships aim to ensure fair and direct trade practices, empowering both the growers and our commitment to quality.

designed with purpose

To enhance these exceptional coffees, we collaborated with talented female designers to craft distinctive packaging that vividly captures their stories and celebrates their rich heritages, further elevating their essence.

rising trend

49% of consumers today are value oriented shoppers

8 in 10 Value Oriented Shoppers care about social factors, stated good for planet & people was personally important to them.

from the designer of

Guatemala El Vergel

"I am deeply inspired by Guatemalan indigenous women, who support their families and the local economy with their beautiful arts and crafts, and who show thoughtful consideration towards nature. I think that by being identified as a woman and being around so much nature growing up in Guatemala, it naturally shifted my work and inspired me. I was very excited about the fact that this is a product that comes from Guatemala and from a land that is led by women." - Sheyda Sebetain, graphic designer

proud sponsor

Ferris Coffee is a proud sponsor of the International Women's Coffee Alliance (IWCA)

The International Women's Coffee Alliance (IWCA) is a global network of self-driven chapters focused on promoting sustainable livelihoods in their communities and united by the IWCA mission to empower women in the international coffee community. In conjuction with our dedications to support women coffee farmers by sourcing intentionally, we make an annual donation to the IWCA, who's work is vital to the continued growth and support for women around the world.