community giving

we are deeply committed to serving and supporting our customers, communities, and suppliers


Charitable ConTRIBUTIONS

Ferris Coffee and Nut Company's primary charitable efforts specifically focus on programs centered around food in the communities where we do business. For nearly 100 years, we've been building and nurturing relationships on both the local and global scale. Our efforts are focused within the food and beverage business which we are a part of. This includes but is not limited to: food disparity or inequality, health, education, supply chain, farms, or global impacts.

Throughout the year, we receive a large number of requests from nonprofit organizations both near and far. The goals of these organizations are focused on creating a positive impact and we are grateful to be able to provide support to a variety of organizations and causes with our capabilities. While we would love to respond favorably to all requests, understandably, the needs of this world are far greater than our allocated resources and we are unable to accomodate them all.

donation eligibility guidelines

preferred Criteria for organizations and initiatives that we may support:

• Preferred to be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
• Located within Ferris' operating or business areas
• Align with our charitable giving strategies, guidelines, and focus areas
• In-kind or product donation, sponsorship of community-enhancement events, monetary, or volunteer engagement

we are not able to fund or support:

• Individuals
• Family reunions
• Fraternities or sororities
• Activities that do not align with our giving guidelines
• For-profit organizations
• Political, legislative or lobbying organizations

Ferris accepts and reviews requests continuously throughout the year. Please fill out and submit the form below based on the request you have:


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