Whether you're looking to start your own coffee shop or just brush up on your home brewing skills, we have a selection of classes to choose from. We've developed classes from beginner to expert so that you can learn with purpose and embrace your appreciation of the craft. We want you to come to class with enthusiasm and leave with a better understanding and appreciation for the multiple levels coffee has to offer.

Our lab was built for sensory analysis with full mod bar units for function and flexibility. With our twin-barrel Probat sample roasting area, we can directly roast beans to optimize origin characteristics and build coffee profiles. We own and use Mahlkonig grinders, Curtis Corinth pour overs systems, and Synesso espresso machines for utmost quality and control. Separate work areas give each student their own space and comfortable stadium seating for presentations and class discussions.

We have a few different homestyle classes available. They are single-day (often 1-2 hr long) classes for home coffee enthusiasts and coffee novices alike. Whether you're home roasting beans or just looking to start brewing better coffee, we've got you covered! We have a variety of different classes available depending on what you'd like to dive deeper into. While our professional coffee classes are built for those looking for an intensive and immersive coffee education. These are built for business owners and staff to elevate your service and productivity. 

man wearing plaid shirt pouring hot water into chemex

Homestyle Classes

This workshop is 100% hands-on choose your own adventure style. The instructor will cover important home brewing variables such as water, grind size, filtering, and more. Hypothesize with the teacher and fellow students after brewing multiple cups of coffee to conclude ways to improve coffee taste. You can expect:
- Pour Over Training
- Individual Brew Station
- Bean Grind Education
- Variable Education and Control
- 3-4 Coffees to Brew & Taste
- Ferris Retail Shop Discount

In this small class, you will taste a variety of espresso styles ranging from bright, single origin espresso to traditional Italian stylized espresso. Dive deep into flavor components and the flavor wheel to better identify. You can expect:
- Small Class Size
- Flavor Wheel Education
- 3-4 Espressos to Sample and Identify
- Ferris Retail Shop Discount

Students will learn popular ways to roast green coffee at home, transforming this raw food into a golden-brown consumable masterpiece. The instructors will cover 1-2 popular home roasting practices and what to look for when performing each one. Students will leave with a better understanding of how green coffee transforms into a finished product through the application of controlled heat. You can expect:
- Equipment Training
- Hands-on Roasting Technique and Training
- Green Bean Coffee Purchasing Options
- Ferris Retail Shop Discount

Learn more about the in-depth process of coffee farming and processing methods. Deep dive into the coffee flavor wheel as you taste coffees side-by-side. You can expect:
- Farming Education
- Processing Methods and Results
- Flavor Wheel Understanding
- Side-by-Side Coffee Samples
- Varietal and Origin Education
- Ferris Retail Shop Discount

Professional Classes

This 3-day course provides a complete overview of coffee and espresso through applied science. Training covers the process from seed to cup, basics of milk and alternatives, and beverage construction. Participants will learn about green coffee, roast levels and profiles, and brew bar basics. More than coffee, we will be teaching all about tea; from tasting, history, and processing. With hands-on training, we aim to teach by example in everything that we do. You can expect a complete manual of the class with pictures and diagrams to take notes and bring home with you. This class will cover the following:
- Extraction Theory
- Drink Building
- Cupping
- Coffee Sampling
- Hands-on Pour Over Training
- How to Serve and Describe with Accuracy
- Watch & Learn Roasting Basics
- Class Discussions and Taste Theory
- Latte Art 101
- Espresso Extraction
- How to Store Coffee
- Batch Brewing
- Milk Science
- Grind Size and Why it Matters
- Water Quality
- Multiple Brewing Methods
- Sensory Experience
- Brew Bar Workload Management

Built for the budding coffee shop owner, our business consulting classes give you a deeper insight into the ins and outs of running a cafe. We'll cover everything from inventory ordering to budget management in this 1-day class. Bring your dream cafe to life while we help with layout design and rendering the design. This class can be added on to our 3-day Intro to Coffee & Espresso class or can be taken on its own. This class will cover the following:
- Business Goals
- Menu Conceptulization
- POS Systems
- Price Management
- Finances & Expenses
- Resources and Investments
- Customer Service with Ferris' Retail Director
- Training and Staff with Ferris' Retail Director
- Brand Building & Marketing with Ferris' VP of Sales
- Water Quality and Control with Ferris' Lead Service Technician
- Equipment: How and Where to Purchase with Ferris' Director of Coffee

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