Our five core values are the backbone of our company culture. Thoughtfully curated, these values help guide our business with suppliers, venders, customers, partners, and within our own community.


We are a collective group of individuals motivated not by the carrot or the stick, but by our internal desire to learn, share, grow, improve, win and to crush any obstacles that impede our progress. We are persistently curious and will exhaust every effort to perfect our craft.

Selflessly Driven

We are not satisfied by meeting expectations. We fight for our company, for our team and for our customers. We are persistent, tireless, relentless, and unyielding in our efforts to achieve our purpose together. We are personally invested in the work we do with our team.

Humbly Confident

We are uniquely talented individuals who have faith and confidence in our skills and knowledge to achieve our purpose. At the same time, we acknowledge our failures and grow from the wisdom they provide. We will never take our success for granted and we will celebrate group efforts that allow us to achieve our goals.

Do The Right Thing

We make the ethical choice over the easy choice, without need for praise or acknowledgement. When faced with tough decisions we do what we know in our hearts is right for our company, team, and customers.

Positively Open MindED

We embrace what makes us unique as individuals and welcome new ideas, perspectives, and approaches in our decision-making process. We value and enjoy an environment that encourages the (sharing of thoughts and ideas) without fear of ridicule, judgement, or condemnation. We seek to understand before seeking to be understood.


A career at Ferris is more than just a job- it’s the opportunity to be part of the global team of providing plant-grown food to those who seek specialty coffee and gourmet nuts.We firmly believe everyone is welcomed to the table, which is why we're looking for ambitious, talented, and passionate individuals to do what they do best. Find a seat at our table by checking out the open positions below!



We depend on the planet’s people and its resources for the success and growth of our company. For these reasons, and simply because it’s the right thing to do, we make sustainability a priority. We strive for constant improvement through the stewardship of our resources, our ecological impact, and positive engagement with our community.