All About Almonds

Today is National Almond Day, and to celebrate we’re kicking off a new Nut Blog Series! With each post, we’ll highlight a different nut, share a little history and background information, and talk about the health benefits that they offer. We’re also working on some really great recipes to share with you all down the road! Before we get too ahead of ourselves, we’ll kick off this Nut Blog Series by honoring National Almond Day with a post all about almonds.


Almonds have long been a staple in human diets. In fact, anthropologists have discovered that they were served to the Egyptian Pharaohs in the form of bread. Almonds were also referenced in the Old Testament of the Bible dozens of times as a metaphor of strength, beauty and sustenance. We still incorporate almonds in our lives today, whether we pour a little almond milk in our coffee or spread almond butter on toast. Throughout the ages, almonds continue to be seen as a symbol of health and vitality cross-culturally.

Origin & Processing 

Spanish explorers brought almonds to North America from the Mediterranean in the 1700s. Even though almonds aren't native to the Americas, California has grown to become the leading supplier of almonds in the world, supplying all of the domestic and 80% of the global demand. National Almond Day falls during the orchard bloom, this means that almond farmers are currently holding their breath for a successful pollination. After almonds bloom they need a few more months to develop before harvest and processing.


Taste and Common Uses

We source and roast nonpareil almonds, which are characterized by being a longer flat almond that is smooth to the touch. This crunchy tree nut carries a subtle vanilla-like sweetness. Here at Ferris we enjoy almonds on their own, in various mixes, coated in cinnamon and sugar, or ground into a nut butter. Looking for something unique? We recommend celebrating National Almond Day with some Coconut Lavender Almonds by Lush Gourmet, Ferris' new product line!

Almonds are an incredibly versatile nut. They are one of the few foods that can be just as decadent whether they are covered with dark chocolate, slivered with greens or ground up to crust your favorite fish. In addition to snacks and culinary endeavors, almonds are often used for flavoring, aromatherapy, cosmetics, and much more.

Health Benefits

Almonds also have many nutritional benefits. Studies show that almond consumption can help with glycemic control (blood sugar regulation) and help lower cholesterol levels. They are rich in fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals! Almonds curb hunger and are a nutritious snack for maintaining a healthy weight.. Some even refer to them as a “superfood”, packed with essential nutrients. 


So whether you’re looking for an ingredient to add some flavor to your next recipe, or a healthy snack to take with you during a busy day, almonds are a great choice all around. Happy National Almond Day!