How to Make Your Own Nut Milk

We are the perfect collision of two worlds, being a coffee & nut company, so why wouldn’t we experiment with nut milks?

In recent years, nut milk has become an attractive beverage, even to those who are not dairy intolerant. There are many reasons why someone would want to drink it. On top of it being healthy, vegan, and environmentally sustainable, it can also be consumed for flavor profile and body.

We concoct all the coffee shop's specialty drinks through research and development. We have been experimenting with non-dairy milks for some time now and noticed that many milk alternatives in the marketplace lack nutritional value and do not steam well for a latte. This is what motivated us to experiment with a healthy and steam-able plant based milk.

All raw nuts that we uses come from our retail shop. We usually blend several types of nuts into one milk. This makes the milk more complex, and not just one single flavor profile. We discovered that each nut has unique components that when combined, lend to a chemistry and taste on par with dairy milk. Below are qualities of some of the nuts he uses and what each contributes to the milk.

  • Macadamias - Fatty and buttery.
  • Cashews - Fatty and natural sweetness.
  • Brazils - Mild tones, slight dryness, full body, creamy.
  • Almonds - Neutral flavor to mix into other nut milks. Consistent base.

Our recipe is 145g of nuts to 1000g of water. We recommend using a base of almonds for texture consistency and neutral flavor. Usually we will add 1-2 figs for natural sweetness. The nuts must soak for 8-12 hours. After this, they are blended with water and strained.

Helpful hint!
Most people use a cheesecloth to strain the milk. However, we suggest using a “mash bag” that beer brewers use to strain their mash because it isn’t as coarse as cheese cloth. The milk is immediately drinkable and delicious.

Visit our coffee shops and try our house-made nut milk used in our spring specialty beverages. The combination of nuts used in our nut was almonds and cashews. If you’re feeling creative, experiment with our recipe to make your own nut milk!