The Many Benefits of Great Workplace Coffee

People spend a lot of time at work—about one third of our lives on average. With such a big chunk of our time devoted to work, more and more businesses are taking strides to find a better work/life balance and keep their employees productive, happy, and challenged in positive ways. According to a recent survey by Statista, 36% of people in the US drink coffee at work. In fact work is the second most popular location (other than at home) to imbibe in our favorite beverage. Many of us have a pretty strong home coffee game. We know how to keep it fresh, use the right grind and measure out the perfect amount for a consistent cup that leaves us ready to tackle the day. What if we could bring that experience to work, where coffee quality and preparation often gets neglected? Can you imagine the benefits? We sure can!

It turns out that those benefits are huge and there are numbers to show it! Research shows that good workplace coffee is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to create a better workplace environment. A global study by Mars Drinks surveyed people from all career paths and determined ‘Four Pillars of Workplace Vitality’. These pillars include collaboration, vitality, well-being, and productivity. All of which are positively impacted by quality workplace coffee consumption.

They are not the only ones to have found this to be the case. For example, multiple award-winning designer firm, Kahler Slater, have stated that in their experience “workplaces that encourage interaction and collaboration are vital to creating an atmosphere of information sharing and knowledge creation…facilitated by coffee stations with room to congregate.” Fast Company Magazine includes coffee on a list of low cost ways to show employees they are highly valued. Studies published by The Harvard Business Review, Forbes and Psychology Today have listed things such as employee benefits, organizational support and a positive work environment as factors that reduce stress, improve overall health and strengthen employee engagement. It is pretty clear that the perk of good tasting coffee every morning is an easy and affordable way to accomplish any of these goals.

In addition to happier existing staff, good coffee can attract new quality employees to your company. With companies competing for the best employees, those potential talents are in turn looking for great places to work. Specifically places that have a “strong employee value proposition”, according to Gallup Business Journal. In other words, potential employees are looking at how highly employees are valued in the workplace. In turn, when companies pick top employees, studies support a 30% increase in profitability. Another simple benefit is that a great cup of coffee can go a long way with hospitality and even help win clients. A quick and efficient way to meet with a client is over a cup of good quality coffee.

Many businesses already provide coffee to their employees, but stop short of the benefit it truly could be. Office coffee has a negative stigma—a glass pot left on a burner all day, weak, or bitter coffee that employees sometimes find undrinkable. This too, is a hurdle easy to overcome with the right tools, guidance, and desire to improve workplace environment. A good workplace coffee program can save employees a lot of frustration, cost and inconvenience. We believe that this stigma can truly change into one that is a true employee benefit.

At Ferris, we have learned even more about the value of great workplace coffee from our partners’ unique experiences. We have the privilege to provide workplace coffee programs for some of the most innovative, industry-leading companies in Michigan! Founders Brewing Company was happy to make the switch from ground packets to whole bean coffee. Kristy Rushin says, “going to whole beans has gotten rid of the hundreds of little bags going to waste every week while also providing a better coffee tasting experience for our employees! A win-win!”

Start Garden fosters a culture of entrepreneurship in West Michigan through their startup memberships. They pay it forward by offering free coffee service to all of their members. A perk within a perk!

At Zimmer Biomet, Dalton Winterbach takes pride in making great coffee every day by choosing the appropriate brewer, grinder, beans and strength. Brandy Wells adds that “informal communication is just as important at work as emails or meetings - for interpersonal relations it's far MORE important.  Sharing a few minutes at the beginning of the day over a communal cup of coffee is an excellent way to kick off the day.”

With a little guidance and the right tools, it’s easy for anyone to have great workplace coffee. At Ferris, we start with quality relationship-based specialty coffees, offer free tasting and training, 24/7 service on equipment and a consistent workplace coffee rep available to answer any questions, make the right adjustments and provide free samples and tastings—that’s me! You can reach me at, and I’ll walk with you every step of the way. Here’s to great coffee and a great work environment!