Two bags of medium roast specialty coffee. West Coast Blend and West Side Blend.
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Best of the West Bundle

thGet more bang for your buck when you bundle our top-selling coffee blends! Approachable in price and taste, these coffees are made with specialty coffee beans and blended together to create a flavorful mouthfeel and elevated tasting experience.

This bundle includes:

West Coast Blend - The idea behind West Coast Blend was to provide a coffee that can appeal to many different palates, and today it is our best selling blend.  This medium roast blend consists of coffee from our partners in Brazil and Costa Rica, and has notes of roasted nuts and baker’s chocolate, with a creamy body.  This coffee is ideal for people who enjoy drinking coffee throughout the day.

Westside Blend - Grand Rapids, Michigan has a lot of historical significance for Ferris — we have lived on the West Side of the city for almost a century. This hometown hero offers beans from Central America, Indonesia, and Africa roasted to give a balanced acidity and a nutty, chocolate flavor, with berry undertones. It’s a comforting blend that tastes like home.



Your coffee is roasted-to-order. 
This means we roast your beans when we receive your order ensuring the freshest cup of coffee. Please allow approximately three to six business days before we ship your order.


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