Easy, No-Bake Protein Balls

These energizing, protein-packed balls are perfect for busy mornings and post-gym workouts. Better yet? You can customize in what seems like endless possibilities of flavors! You wont need any special equipment to get this recipe done, so let's get started!


Seriously easy, these protein balls are a great solution for meal prepping. They remind us of those classic grandma no-bake cookies we used to east all the time! But his isn't grandma's cookie recipe! These upgraded balls offer the same great taste but with the added protein powder, they offer more than just curbing appetite.

These actually remind us of our summer recipe of Freezer Fruit Tarts. For that recipe, you need a food processes, so you'll be happy to know that these are even easier to make! 

Make the Base Recipe

The best way to approach this recipe is know that you have one base recipe to create. Then from there, you can switch it up with different ingredients and toppings! Here's what you need:

  • Old Fashioned Oats: these oats give a great chewy texture to the dish. Old-fashioned oats and quick-cooking oats are basically interchangeable, although they will slightly change your final dish. If you're substituting old-fashioned oats for quick-cooking oats, your final dish might taste a little oat-ier. What's great is that there aren't any major differences in the nutrition benefits of the different types of oats. All forms of oats are 100% whole grain, a good source of fiber and have the same nutritional information – same calories, fiber and protein per serving.
  • Nut Butter: All nuts have different flavor profiles, so experiment and find one you like! Using chunky, smooth, or whipped are all great options but for stirring purposes, we found that the more 'drippy' the nut butter- the better! All our of nut butters are perfect for this!
  • Maple Syrup: Sweetening your energy bites is ideal for the balance of flavors. If you aren't concerned with making them vegan, honey is a great swap. Even better, Google search your area for local beekeepers and support their business!
  • Protein Powder: Plant-based protein powders are the best here but we know everyone has their personal preference. There's A LOT of choices out there, some built specifically for gym-goers or dietary restrictions. Sometimes they offer them in flavors like vanilla, mint, or chocolate and these could change end flavor result- so be cautious! 

How to Customize & Substitute

It's actually quite amazing how much you can customize these balls to your liking. Preferences reign king with this recipe, giving YOU just what you're craving! Just be sure to use the same basic base recipe for your balls and you should be set!

Nut Butters

At Ferris, we offer Peanut, Almond, and Cashew ButterShockingly simple, our butters highlight the tasty flavors of each roasted nut in an irresistible protein option. 100% all natural nut butters are roasted to perfection in peanut oil to enhance the nut's unique flavor characteristics and ground with precision to create a simply smooth butter.

Dried Fruits

Whether it's due to allergies or preference, so many different dried fruits are compatible with the recipe. We're partial to cherries since Michigan is the capital of the world of delicious, sweet & tart cherries. Cranberries, red or golden raisins, 


We used maple syrup in our recipes but if you're looking for other options: honey and/or vanilla extract are two ways to sweeten these up. You can 1 for 1 substitute honey for maple syrup but do not add 1/4 cup of vanilla extract (yikes!) If you choose vanilla extract, start with just 1 tsp. and check to see if it meets your sweet tooth standards. If you aren't looking to keep it healthy, you can even roll your balls in powdered sugar for a one-way ticket to Yumtown.

Add More Nuts!

Okay, we'll admit that we're biased here! But mixing it up with different chopped nuts has benefits to flavor and nutrients! Just check out our recent blog on Healthy Snacks to see how different fruits have different health benefits. Nuts are no different and you can gain a lot from these small ingredients.

  • Almonds and cashews both contain heart-healthy unsaturated fats, but almonds have a better fat profile and make a better choice for fibers, vitamin E and calcium.
  • Cashews provide more vitamin K and zinc than almonds. 
  • Peanuts are higher in calories, proteins, and fats, while cashews contain higher amounts of carbs. However, peanuts are also higher in fiber and most vitamins, such as vitamin E and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, and B9. 

All the Extras

We mention chia or hemp seeds in our recipes below but we want you to know that flax seeds are another healthy option! With its mild, nutty flavor and crisp, crunchy consistency, flaxseed is a versatile ingredient that can enhance the taste and texture of almost any recipe!

Chocolate is another addition that you don't want to miss out on. We all know that Dark Chocolate is doctor recommended, right? Using classic semi-sweet chocolate chips (or the mini version) or chopping your own favorite chocolate is a great way to customize your recipe! Think of classic flavor combinations: cranberries & white chocolate, dark chocolate & sea salt or cinnamon! We've even been keen on trying mint chocolate chips for a burst of flavor!

Shredded coconut, flakey sea salt, and powdered sugar are all excellent topping additions to experiment with! Different spices like Pumpkin Spice, Nutmeg, Ground Cinnamon are interesting ways to add an elevated edge to every bite.

Can You Freeze Energy Balls?

Yes! That's what makes these little guys so great! They take almost no time to make and then you can freeze them for up to 4 months! If you expect you'll be eating them sooner than that, store them in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks!


We tested a few different recipes by mixing up the ingredients and trying various Ferris products. Here's our top three favorites: