Making Iced Coffee and Cold Brew Coffee at Home

As we get closer to the unbeatable Summer Months here in West Michigan many of us start trading out our morning cups of coffee for something a little … cooler. 

Cold brew and iced coffee are both great options, and lucky for you there are multiple ways to enjoy it. You can make it at home, grab a can of our ready-to-drink cold brew cans or stop by our café in Holland, Grand Rapids or Lansing! 

Cold Brew Coffee

What is It?

Cold Brew is created by steeping ground coffee in cold water. The process can take 12 hours at home.  Cold brew is naturally less acidic but has more caffeine due to its concentrated nature.  One can of Ferris Nitro Cold Brew contains 196 MG, which is equal to two cups of coffee. Your veins will be pulsing with caffeine before you finish your last drop…. However, if that level of Caffeine isn’t your jam OR you want something for a little afternoon pick up we also offer a low caffeinated option.

How to make it:

1. Grind Coffee on a coarse setting 

2. Combine Coffee Grounds with cold water in a jar or pitcher. You can use two different ratio types for different results. If you want your Cold Brew to act as a concentrate, meaning you add milk to enjoy the drink use a 1:4 Ratio. If you want your Cold Brew to be Ready-to-drink no additions needed you can use a 1:15 Ratio.

3. Allow to Steep at least 18 hours, this can be done right on your countertop!

4. Strain Coffee to remove the grounds. Store in the refrigerator.

5. To Serve combine with as much water or milk as you prefer!


Iced Coffee

What is It?

Ice Coffee has all the elements of your average cup of Joe (except the temperature). When Iced Coffee is made it is brewed as normal, allowed time too cool and served over ice. An at home Pro Tip? Use a batch to make Ice cubes, and then use those Coffee Ice Cubs in your glass to make sure your coffee does not get watered down at home! 

How to make it:

1. Brew your favorite Ferris coffee as normal

2. Allow Coffee to Cool to room temp. or cooler.

3. Pour coffee over ice and add your creamer of choice! 

What is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee? 

Brewed with coffee sourced directly from our partners in Central and South America, Ferris Nitro Cold Brew is infused with nitrogen creating a smooth, rich creamy finish. Crafted simply from just filtered water and coffee, it’s so delicious no added sweeteners, creamers, or preservatives are necessary. 

Our Cold Brew products are canned with a nitrogen widget. We were excited to bring a new feature to the cold brew cans. "This is a feature that is extremely rare among other Cold Brew products on the market, and is another differentiating factor for our product compared to others," Sam Mirto, Director of Coffee at Ferris explains. Super-charged and ready for action, the widget takes this cold brew from ordinary to extraordinary.