Origin Story: Huye Mountain

Huye Mountain Coffee comes from Rwanda. David Rubanzangabo founded Huye Mountain washing station in 2011 with the vision to “be a leading player and preferred choice for customer satisfaction in the international premium coffee market.”

Rubanzangabo began producing coffee after studying agronomy and working in the country’s agricultural sector. He taught many small producers about coffee farming for several years before deciding to begin his own business.

sign on fence for huye mountain in africa

Located on the slopes of Huye Mountain in South Rwanda, he owns two washing stations that serves over 1,300 local farmers. These bourbon varietals are inspected for highest quality and then pulped before entering into fermentation tanks. They can sit in this step for up to fifteen hours before the mucilage is loose enough to be washed away. To properly clean the coffee, the tanks for filled and re-filled with water up to four times and stirred with a wooden paddle. Then it’s onto the drying beds! Sorted by hand meticulously, the drying can take between 15 and 20 days.

Rubanzangabo and his sister, Rachel, roast coffee as they come off the drying beds. This allows them to check for each day’s quality and consistency. This process is an important value to their washing station and continues their growth through best practices.

With every step they take, their coffee becomes more and more recognized throughout the world.

Because of his determination, Rubanzangabo has been able to successfully host a coffee tourism program which helps fund two scholarships for the children of local farmers. This dedication to his community is a key mission to uphold Huye Mountain and it’s neighbors.

two men roasting coffee beans over small fire