Coffee Pod 3-Pack Bundle

Coffee Pod 3-Pack Bundle

Explore all three flavor profiles of our coffee pods when you purchase this bundle pack! Giving you the ultimate choice of a light, medium, and dark roast- easily stock-up your pantry to keep everyone in the house satisfied with their morning cup of joe. This 3 pack bundle includes one box of our West Coast, Kent Club, and French Roast blends.

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make better coffee

brewing guide

We recommend a ratio of 1 part coffee to 14 parts water. For our coffee pods, we prefer brewing at the 3-5 oz. setting when possible but encourage you to adjust to your taste.

For the best cup, use filtered water.

each box contains

10 coffee pods

Start your morning easy and enjoy our specialty coffee in a convenient pod! Simply pop the pod into your machine, hit brew, and soon you'll be sipping on one of our best-selling roasts! Our line-up includes a light, medium, and dark roast so customers can choose their preferred brew.


specialty coffee

Crafted with the same high-quality coffee beans we source directly from farms, our coffee pods are a convenient morning solution for those on-the-go. With sustainability in mind, we encourage composting the used grounds and recycling the pod properly.

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