West Coast Blend
West Coast Blend
West Coast Blend
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West Coast Blend

A crowd favorite, this blend consists of 70% Brazil Cerrado and 30% Costa Rica Montañas del Diamante. This coffee has notes of roasted nuts and chocolate with a heavy body. The idea behind this blend was to provide a coffee that can appeal to many different palates. Notes of chocolate and nut are some of the most common taste descriptors for coffee, so we wanted to make sure those were well represented, while also having some mild acidity to keep the coffee interesting.


Your coffee is roasted-to-order. 
This means we roast your beans when we receive your order ensuring the freshest cup of coffee. Please allow approximately three (3) business days before we ship your order.


 Producers  Various
 Country  Brazil and Costa Rica
 Region  Various
 Elevation  Various
 Process  Washed and Natural
 Roast  Medium
 Tasting Notes  Semi-sweet Chocolate, Peanut
 Acidity  Mild, Tart
 Body  Creamy
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