West Coast Blend Coffee Pods
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West Coast Blend Coffee Pods

The idea behind West Coast Blend was to provide a coffee that can appeal to many different palates, and today it is our best selling blend.  This medium roast blend consists of coffee from our partners in Brazil and Costa Rica, and has notes of roasted nuts and baker’s chocolate, with a creamy body.  This coffee is ideal for people who enjoy drinking coffee throughout the day.

Each box contains 10 recyclable coffee pods.

Brewing Guide: We recommend a ratio of 1 part coffee to 14 parts water. For our coffee pods, we prefer brewing at the 3-5 oz. setting when possible but encourage you to adjust to your taste.


 Producers  Various
 Country  Brazil and Costa Rica
 Region  Various
 Elevation  Various
 Process  Washed and Natural
 Roast  Medium
 Tasting Notes  Semi-sweet Chocolate, Peanut
 Acidity  Mild, Tart
 Body  Creamy
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