Nitro Cold Brew: Colombian Single Origin
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Nitro Cold Brew: Colombian Single Origin

Crafted with specialty coffee from one region, our Nitro Cold Brew Single Origin represents the best of Colombia coffee. Notes of caramel, nuts, and citrus highlight the unique flavors of the country and make your tastebuds come to life!

Infused with nitrogen creating a smooth, rich creamy finish this drink is made with filtered water and coffee, no added sweeteners, creamers, or preservatives! Each can contains a nitrogen “widget” — upon opening, the widget releases a burst of nitrogen, enhancing the cascade effect when poured into a glass. Read more about our Nitro line-up on our blog!

Besides giving you a refreshing smooth coffee experience, you can use Nitro Cold Brew to create some exciting drinks! Add it to ice cream for an energizing float topped with caramel syrup or substitute it into adult beverages like a White Russian (drink responsibly)! We feature recipes on our blog that you can try out!

1 case order minimum, each case contains 24 cans.


Cold Brew is shipped in thermal-regulated packaging to ensure optimal freshness. Because of this specialty packaging, Nitro Cold Brew does not qualify for free shipping. To preserve quality, we cannot ship on Fridays. Extended ship times may affect flavor. Please refrigerate immediately upon receiving product.

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