Nitro Cold Brew Mix Pack
Nitro Cold Brew Mix Pack
Nitro Cold Brew Mix Pack

Nitro Cold Brew Mix Pack

Elevate Your Coffee Experience with Ferris Coffee's Nitro Cold Brew Mix Pack

Discover the ultimate coffee adventure with our Nitro Cold Brew Mix Pack. Our Nitro Cold Brews are brewed with coffee sourced directly from our partners in Central and South America. Both are infused with a nitrogen widget creating a smooth, rich creamy finish upon opening. Crafted simply from just filtered water and coffee, they're so delicious. No added sweeteners, creamers, or preservatives needed to get your coffee fix.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Whether you're starting your day with a burst of energy, seeking a mid-day pick-me-up, or winding down with a relaxing treat, our Original and Low Caff Brews are the perfect companion. Enjoy it straight from the can or over ice for an invigorating and refreshing experience anytime, anywhere.

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Cold Brew is shipped in thermal-regulated packaging to ensure optimal freshness. Because of this specialty packaging, Nitro Cold Brew does not qualify for free shipping. Please refrigerate immediately upon receiving product.

To preserve quality, we cannot ship on Fridays, we apologize for any inconvenience.

get fueled with

24 cans per case

Each box contains 24 nitro-fueled cans, enough to keep your weekends charged or share with friends!

ferris nitro cold brew can in ice
Two people enjoying nitro cold brew

widget wizardry

Featuring a widget in each can, our nitro products are super-charged and ready for action. The widget takes your cold brew or tea from ordinary to extraordinary with a burst of nitrogen upon opening. Experience a refreshing, smooth frothiness with every sip.

more than a drink

Besides giving you a refreshing smooth coffee experience, you can use Nitro Cold Brew to create some exciting drinks! Add it to ice cream for an energizing float topped with caramel syrup or substitute it into adult beverages like a White Russian (drink responsibly)!

Cold Brew Pie Bar? Yes, please! This easy recipe skips the oven all together to create a mouthwatering, indulgent dessert that beats the heat!

embrace the
cold brew

Don't let winter slow you down this season, get charged with Nitro and keep the fun going!

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